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Janine L. Agoglia began her study of yoga in 1995 toward the end of her modern dance career. Already she had a certain amount of flexibility from her dance training, but she was amazed at the amount of strength and endurance yoga also required. As a competitive swimmer she began to notice how her yoga practice affected her stroke and deepened her awareness of her body as it moved through the water. She was hooked!

Janine has studied numerous yoga styles (Iyengar, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram) with many renowned teachers (Sharon Gannon, Dana Flynn, Shiva Rea, David Swenson...) and continues to grow her own practice through self-study, workshops and local instruction.

Janine began teaching yoga in New York City in 1998. Over the years she has taught all levels and continues to enjoy offering creative and interesting sequences to help build functional strength, increase flexibility and calm the mind. Janine loves the opportunity to teach beginners, creating new and effective ways of expressing yogic principles through asana practice. She seeks to help her students develop proper alignment, keen mental and physical awareness and efficient breathing; principles they can take off the mat and into their lives. Her classes can be rigorous, but are well balanced, with as much emphasis on the internal practice as the physical practice of yoga.

Janine is a certified yoga instructor through the Yoga Institute of Houston and teaches at Lumina at Longfellow and the Longfellow Sports Club.

Janine is also a licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist practicing at Integrative Therapeutics in Natick, and a mother to the light of her life, 2-year-old Jake Rocco.